Tuesday, June 1, 2010

VOTE TODAY - But not in a free election...

If you haven't already, get out to the polls before they close! Don't let the rain stop you!

When you vote, you may notice that you are required to vote on only one ballot. Currently, voters must choos between the Democratic or Republican ballot. So, if you have a candidate on the GOP side you wish to support, and one on the Democratic ticket, you may not do so, by law.

Instituted under the premise of ending the practice of 'cross-over' voting, the two ballot system costs taxpayers both money and freedom of choice. In the opinion of the Selma Intelligencer, NEITHER ballot should be paid for by the taxpayer, nor should primaries be held at public expense. Primaries should be handled by the parties, and open to independent audit.

Political parties are not a part of government, and therefore should not use public funds. If the parties choose to have public elections to select their candidates, they should hire an independent polling firm and open those elections to public audit. In the interest of transparency and fairness, the parties could hire the same firm to handle the election. This firm could be instructed to place all candidates on one ballot to prevent so-called cross-overs by only allowing one selection per office in the election.

Taxpayer funding for the selection of candidates for primaries borders on legalized fraud and promotes an exclusive legal political duopoly. With the fraud rampant in the Democratic and Republican parties, it is highly unlikely that they will ever support any primary election reform. It is the opinion of the Selma Intelligencer, however, that they should.

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