Friday, October 24, 2008

Rainy Day in Selma

These pictures of a wet and rainy October Selma sky were taken this morning by Amy Nichols. The top picture is the sky above police headquarters; below is a railroad crossing on Alabama Ave.

Update on 7 Killed in DOC Van Accident

More information was released yesterday by the Alabama Department of Safety about the wreck that took the lives of 1 Department of Corrections officer and 6 applicants. The men killed in the accident were Brandon Anglin, Julius Bouier, John Foye Sr., Lionel Moore, Derrick Ivey, Rodney Kelley, and Henry Simmons Sr. State Troopers stated that the truck that struck the DOC van transporting the men was going 10MPH over the speed limit and was attempting to pass in a no passing zone. The case will now be given to the District Attorney to be presented to a Grand Jury who will ultimately decide whether Andrew Carter, the driver of the truck, will be prosecuted.

IRS Owes YOU almost $5 Million reports that the IRS is looking for 6,800 Alabamans that have not yet received their stimulus and refund checks, due to mailing address errors.

Check for your name here: