Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cameras a Bad Choice for Selma

The recent choice of the Selma City Council to approve cameras for use at traffic signals and for surveillance in high crime areas is a bad move for our city. Anecdotal evidence submitted by those who've had bad traffic experiences in our city is not evidence enough to sacrifice the privacy of residents and those who would use our city's streets, avenues and boulevards. Certainly, studies commissioned by the manufacturers of the cameras shouldn't be used as testimony to the usefulness of the cameras they are trying to sell.

Scientific studies done by universities have shown the opposite of what is claimed by proponents of the cameras; traffic-signal cameras DO NOT make streets safer, they CAUSE accidents, and surveillance cameras DO NOT reduce crime, they increase the chances that someone will have their right to privacy violated. Instead of wasting precious city funds on technology that has been proven not to work, the Selma Intelligencer suggests the city use the funds to better train its police force.