Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Allen Makes Presidential Debut

Dr. Geraldine Allen made her first appearance at a City Council meeting, tonight, since her election as City Council President.

Chief Riley and Sheriff Huffman also made an appearance together to request funding for the Crimestoppers program. Councilwoman Keith, a former member of the Crimestoppers board, suggested the program follow through with filing as a non-profit organization.

Other items discussed included the Good Samaritan Hospital, a near $20,000 deficit for November, and provisions for river activities.

10 Commandment Opponent Suspended by State Bar

Stephen Glassroth, filer of the initial complaint to force then Supreme Court Cheif Justice Roy Moore to remove the 10 Commandments monument from state judicial building, has had his licence to practice law suspended.

After his failure to reply to a complaint filed against him by Dana Jill Simpson, a fellow lawyer, the Alabama Bar chose to suspend Glassroth's license. Simpson has also filed a $50,000 suit against Glassroth. The trial date is set for this coming August.

Simpson made news previously when she testified to the House Judiciary about a plot hatched by Karl Rove to seek an indictment against then governor Don Siegelman. Simpson, a Republican, was working on the Bob Riley campaign at the time.

According to reports, Glassroth is listed as having contributed a total of $750 to the Artur Davis campaign.