Friday, March 25, 2011

Who's Coming to Town?

Who or what is coming to Selma?

That's the question on the lips and whispered into ears around Dallas County since Tuesday night's City Council meeting. At the meeting, Councilwoman Benny Ruth Crenshaw questioned Mayor Evans about a $2 Billion investment to be made in Selma. Crenshaw inquired about the source of such a large amount of funding. The Councilwoman asked if it was China, or a foreign country, and, if so, what would be the potential ramifications.

Today, Mayor Evans made an appearance on a local radio station and took a number of questions regarding the potential large investment. The Mayor continued to avoid revealing the source, but indicated it would be coming from a foreign source. There were no further details on the source of the money.

The Mayor indicated that the money would be used for education and training, iterating that this would indirectly create jobs.

Skeptics were heard to argue that the potential project was much too large in scale to be solely considered by the Mayor and should have been brought to the City Council first. The Mayor countered by implying he was afraid it would hurt the chances of brokering the deal if too many details were leaked.