Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Council Meeting: Recognition and Renaming

I'll be Back-Outgoing Councilman Leashore speaks to the crowd after receiving recognition for his service to the city. Pictured seated to the right is Leashore's replacement, B. L. Tucker
Those not returning to positions in city government following this year's municipal elections received plaques from the city at the council's bi-monthly meeting Tuesday night. They were also honored by the Angelic Harmonizers. Mayor Perkins received recognition from the Selma/Dallas Youth Ambassadors, as well.
Outgoing Mayor James Perkins accepts a plaque in recognition of service to the city from Council President, and Mayor-elect, George Evans
Discussion continued on the renaming of Jeff Davis Avenue to J. L. Chestnut, Jr. Boulevard. After an initial vote of 5-4, and a discussion of parliamentary procedure, a resolution passed unanimously to consider the name change.

Also speaking at the meeting was Carolyn Bates. Bates is bringing suit against the city for what she claims were "many violations on election day". Among the claims she made were allegations of individuals registering to vote 15 to 25 times, voters listing addresses as empty lots, and voting machines being unwatched during voting.

City Attorney Jimmy Nunn stated that the city made a motion with the presiding judge to dismiss the case. Both Nunn and Bates stated they would meet in court on November 12.