Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SSAB Plant Expansion Means New Jobs

The Swedish steel company Svenskt Stål Aktiebolag, or SSAB, has announced plans to expand it's Mobile, AL facility. The expansion will mean the creation of 180 new jobs in the State of Alabama. $400 million will be invested in the construction, due to begin next year.

Police Ram and Fire Weapons at Vehicle; Teen Killed

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is investigating the death of a Childersburg teen shot in an incident over the weekend. Witnesses report that Tony Martin Jr. was fleeing when police rammed and opened fire on his vehicle, a 1998 Mercury Cougar. The Childersburg Police Department had no comment.

Iraqi Calls Alabama Home

An Iraqi man who served alongside American servicement has made the move to the US. Amid fears of reprisals from their fellow countrymen in Iraq, he and about 1,700 other translators chose to come to America. It's estimated that about 12,000 Iraqis have been relocated to the US in the last year.


More Voters than Citizens

The Associated Press reports that 6 Alabama counties have higher numbers on their voter rolls than voting age adults. DA Michael Jackson's request for a probe into voter fraud in June has yeilded no results from the FBI to date.