Monday, October 27, 2008

City Council Meeting Postponed

The Selma City Council meeting scheduled for 5pm this evening has been rescheduled for Tuesday. A call to the city clerk's office yeilded no further details, other than the new time and date for the council meeting. Unconfirmed reports indicate that there was a League of Cities meeting to be attended by many of the council members.

The person answering the phone at the clerk's office indicated that the council meeting would be at 5pm on Tuesday.

Gas Below $2.50

At least 2 gas stations in the area had regular unleaded gasoline priced below $2.50 a gallon this morning. After prices soared to all-time highs nearing, and at times surpassing, $4 a gallon, the dropping prices are more than welcome. Money in consumer's pockets at Christmastime should be good for local retailers, as well.

Frost Possible Monday Night

Temperatures are expected to drop into the low 30s Monday night. Plants and pets should be moved indoors or otherwise protected from the cold. A hard freeze is possible for the northern part of the state.

Bama Still Unbeaten

After handling the Volunteers Saturday, the Alabama Crimson Tide are 8-0. The Tide proved that they are capable of playing 4 full quarters, scoring the majority of their points in the second half in their 29-9 victory over Tennessee. Bama also held their 2nd place position in the major polls and in the BCS.

The Tide will meet Arkansas St. this Saturday in Tuscaloosa.


In this era of propaganda-laden advertisements for prepackaged, over-processed goods, it should come as no surprise that our politics follow the same formula. With every election cycle becoming more exclusive and filled with propaganda, the choices become more and more limited. The quality of the product drops, as well.

There is no meat in our politics. It's all filler. Just like the breakfast cereals with the same nutritional content as the boxes in which they're packaged, our politicians are hollow fundamentally. The commercials point up nothing but the created issues that mean very little in the way of solutions to the problems they pretend to address. Where's the beef?