Monday, October 20, 2008

Abortion Ban on Ballot in SD

South Dakota voters will vote on a measure in November that would place a limited ban on abortion in the state. Should the measure pass, it would most likely be challenged in the US Supreme Court. This would create the potential for an overturn of Roe v. Wade.


Somali Pirates Target EU Waste Dumpers

Pirates in the Red Sea have been attacking European vessels. They claim it's because vessels from Europe are bringing toxic to dump along the Somali coast.


Tuberville: "I plan to be here 10 more"

In a press conference earlier today, Head Coach Tommy Tuberville discounted stories circulating about the coach making an exit from the plains. After pointing out that he had been at the university 10 years, he stated that he had no intention to leave Auburn.

After disappointing losses to Vandy and Arkansas, Auburn is looking for a win this Thursday at West Virginia.

General Motors and Chrysler Merge

2 of the Big 3 US auto makers are in negotiations to merge within the week. Concerns about the merger have led some in the auto industry to say that this merger would create a corportaion "too big to fail". The Big 3 (GM, Ford and Chrysler) were recently granted $25 million by Congress for eco-friendly technology development.

GM has indicated that it will begin closing most Chrysler facilities when the deal goes through.

'Bama Sidesteps Rebel Invasion

The Ole' Miss Rebels gave the Crimson Tide a scare Saturday. After becoming the only team to score first on Bama this year, Ole Miss scored 21 unanswered points in the second half to whittle the Alabama lead to 4. With little over a minute remaing in the contest, the Rebels drove into Alabama territory.

Bama fans breathed a collective sigh of relief as the Tide defense denied the Rebels a 4th down conversion, ending the game with a turnover on downs.

Injured in the game was standout freshman lineman Terrance Cody. Cody, along with his normal defensive line duties, aided the offense in a first half touchdown, shoving the Ole' Miss defensive line into the endzone. Cody suffered an apparent knee injury early in the second half. Later reports indicated that Cody suffered a knee-sprain which will not require surgery.