Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Woman Beaten outside Wal-Mart

Reports are coming in to the Selma Intelligencer that a woman with the last name Nettles was beaten by an angry group of people outside the Selma Wal-Mart last week. Initial reports indicate that there was an altercation in the store at a cash register. One of those involved in the register incident called friends or family on her cellphone to assail the victim outside the store.

When questioned, a Wal-Mart employee confirmed the altercation. She stated that one of the ladies was "in a hurry" and forcefully moved someone else's items from the conveyor at a register. The alleged beating took place outside shortly afterwards.


Dallas County Sample Ballot

Be prepared on election day. The 2008 ballot for Dallas County is available online at the AlabamaVotes.Gov website. Click HERE to download the ballot in .pdf format, or click the picture to the left to enlarge. Find your candidate on the ballot before you vote.

Economy Falters; Gun Manufacturers Thrive

At a time when many are considering adding penny pinching measures to their household budgets, consumers are shelling out more money than ever for firearms. The motivating factor seems to be uncertainty.