Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shooting on Race Street

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is looking into a shooting involving a police officer on Race Street earlier today. Witnesses at the scene stated that it appeared as though the police fired first, although they were too far away to make out if the assailant had a gun.

The ABI has Race Street cordoned off between the old Pilliod building and Highway 14.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Entire Bullock County Commission arrested

Entire Bullock County Commission arrested: "All five members of the Bullock County Commission have been arrested on felony charges of bid law violations.
According to the Montgomery Advertiser, the indictments charge each commissioner with one count of intentionally, knowingly or recklessly spending an amount greater than $15,000 for inmate food at the Bullock County Jail without entering into free and open competitive sealed bids.
The commissioners include: Ronald Wynord Smith, 56, of Union Springs; John Livingston Adams, 43; Dock McGowan, 82, of Banks; Alonza Ellis...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Who's Coming to Town?

Who or what is coming to Selma?

That's the question on the lips and whispered into ears around Dallas County since Tuesday night's City Council meeting. At the meeting, Councilwoman Benny Ruth Crenshaw questioned Mayor Evans about a $2 Billion investment to be made in Selma. Crenshaw inquired about the source of such a large amount of funding. The Councilwoman asked if it was China, or a foreign country, and, if so, what would be the potential ramifications.

Today, Mayor Evans made an appearance on a local radio station and took a number of questions regarding the potential large investment. The Mayor continued to avoid revealing the source, but indicated it would be coming from a foreign source. There were no further details on the source of the money.

The Mayor indicated that the money would be used for education and training, iterating that this would indirectly create jobs.

Skeptics were heard to argue that the potential project was much too large in scale to be solely considered by the Mayor and should have been brought to the City Council first. The Mayor countered by implying he was afraid it would hurt the chances of brokering the deal if too many details were leaked.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Selma, AL– On Saturday, February 26th at 2pm the 67 County Constitution Tour is making stops at the Vaughn-Smitherman Building in Selma and at 5pm in the auditorium of the Alabama Livestock Auction in Uniontown. The tour brings speakers who have appeared on national TV News networks and who have spoken around the country on a variety of Constitutionally-oriented issues; from citizen's rights to property rights.

Featured speakers include K. Carl Smith (the Conservative Messenger and Frederick Douglass Republican), Liberty Activist Marcelo D. Munoz, and Don Casey, Vice-Chairman of the Allegiance for Citizen's Rights.

More information about K. Carl Smith can be found online at The Alabama Campaign for Liberty can be found online at More information about the events can be found at

According to organizers, you can expect to learn more about our Nation's founding document, what it means for you today and how it, and the rights it codifies, are in danger.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Virtual Alabama" Allows Anyone with .gov or .edu Email to Spy on You

Alabama's Department of Homeland Security has an application that allows anyone with a .gov or .edu email address to use the privacy-invading tools the government has implemented to spy on anyone virtually anywhere in the State of Alabama. The 3 minute propaganda video on their website tries to explain how the live video feeds are used for 'keeping our community safer', yet details how the EPA is using Virtual Alabama 'extensively' to watch what you're doing in your yard (2:40), and that it is used for economic development and other non-safety issues (2:05). This program is clearly being used to spy on the citizens of Alabama.

As troubling as it may be that any government employee with an .edu or .gov email can get the software, that's not the main issue. The ruggedness of the screening process for obtaining an account is unknown. The issue is the privacy of Alabama's citizens, which has been ignored. Even if the screening process to be granted an account is extremely stringent, the ability of users to use this data in a malicious way is far too great.

Political opponents can use this to gain a god-like advantage by tracking every move of their opponents and critics without having to leave a computer. The system has been implemented with cameras in both Selma City Schools (January 2010), and Dallas County Schools (June 2010). This creates a risk for children, as well.

Bottom line: The cameras shouldn't be there in the first place. The realtime surveillance of innocent citizens is the kind of thing you'd expect from a tyrant, not from a free State in the United States of America. This program, even according to it's own promotional video, does very little towards it's professed goal of 'keeping our community safer', and goes a very long way to destroying the very rights that make our State and Country great.