Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Parade

Children from local schools and other citizens paraded down the street, this afternoon.

Some wore costumes, others held up "VOTE" signs. Bystanders waved and shouted as some of the paraders tossed candy at the crowd.

Man Injured in Pump Fire

A man was injured, and pump fire was put out, today, at the Idle Inn gas station on the corner of Jeff Davis and Broad. The fire started, according to the attendent, as a pump repairman was working on the pump around 4pm. She reported that the man appeared to have been shocked by the pump handle, and dropped it.

A fireman on the scene, Tony Mitchell, said he believed the fire was started by static electricity, but that it wouldn't be conclusive until the insurance investigator arrived.

The repairman was rushed to the hospital with burns. Another vehicle at the pump at the time of the fire was burned, as well.

Have a Safe Halloween

The City of Selma will be observing Halloween from 6pm until 8pm tonight. Costumed children will be filling the streets in search of candy. Since Halloween falls on a Friday, this year, and not a school night, crowds are expected to be larger.

In order to make sure your candy-gathering experience is a safe and healthy one, a few simple rules should be followed. Young children should be accompanied by an adult while trick or treating. Having a flashlight for the darker hours is a smart move, as well. Observing street-crossing safety rules, such as looking both ways before crossing a street, is very important. Also, make sure that any masks have eye-holes large enough to not impede vision.

Trick or treat in familiar areas, and discard any questionable candy.

Keep these few ideas in mind to have a safe, accident-free Halloween.