Friday, December 19, 2008

Artur Davis to Run for Governor

Rep. Artur Davis stated yesterday that he would make a formal announcement in February to run for Governor. After some very early indications that he might seek a Senate seat, rumors began circulating months ago that he would seek the Gubernatorial post. His statement yesterday seems to confirm those rumors.

Bob Riley, Alabama's current governor, will be unable to run in 2010 due to Alabama's 2 consecutive term limit.

Davis is currently the Alabama 7th District Representitive to the U.S. House, which includes Selma. Davis is not originally from the area, but grew up in Montgomery.

1 comment:

  1. NO!


    Congressman Artur Davis who are you working for? Your constituency or your hack cronies? I think it's obvious...

    Strike 1: Voted in favor of RealID.

    Strike 2: Voted to make the Patriot Act permanant.

    Strike 3: Voted FOR the bail out.

    Goodbye Congressman Davis. You fail.

    I pray that people do a little more research for the next gubernatorial election than they did for the presidential election.