Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Police Raid Home for Wayward Kids

Early Saturday morning, police raided the Reclamation Ranch, a home for at-risk teens in north Alabama. According to reports, 11 boys were taken into custody amid allegations that a child claimed to have been abused.

Initally, all of the children, which includes 20 girls and 20 boys, were taken. After 8 hours, according to the home's website, the girls were released.

The boys and girls dormatories are 2 miles apart, in different counties. The boys are housed in Blount County, the girls in Walker County.

Those in the ranch report police broke down the door with a battering ram, entering with weapons drawn. The Ranch's website accuses police of using "Waco" terminology. The school's superintendent was initially handcuffed, and it's staff was forced to sit at gunpoint while police searched the facility.

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