Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Council Meets

Minister Louis Dixon and Mrs. Felicia Owens-Dixon
The first public meeting of the new Selma City Council came to order this evening for a long session. After hearing citizen's requests, which included several requests for funding from the city and a visit from the Dixons, the Mayor began his first report.

Mayor Evans makes his first report to the CouncilMayor Evans had a long list of ideas, requests and suggestions. Among the first items was a promise of professionalism in the police department, an appeal for consistent email addresses for all council members, and a request for $250,000 from the general fund to meet some immediate needs.

If any council members were dismayed by the possibility of a long session, none voiced any concerns. All appeared to be eager to get down to business.

Other business items listed included discussion of the debt owed for the Good Samaritan Hospital building, former councilman Reid Cain's legal bills and the renaming of Jeff Davis Avenue to J. L. Chestnut Boulevard.

The council left for an executive session at around 9pm.

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